Jaume Plumb-Planas' Portfolio



Who Am I?

2015-2016 School Year:

My Name is Jaume Edward Plumb-Planas. 

I am a Freshmen Student from Charlottesville, VA. I currently attend MHS (Monticello High School) and HMSA (Health and Medical Sciences Academy). I currently am running on the JV Cross Country Team at my High School, and I am also the President of the STEM

club at Monticello. In My Free Time I enjoy flying Drones, Running, Biking, and Playing Strategy Based Video Games. I am a big fan of the UVA Basketball Team, as well as their Cross Country and Track Team. 

Freshman Year Goals

Some of the Goals I would like to accomplish 

in the 2015-2016 year are:

✔ Placing in the Regional Science Fair 
✔ Run my First 5k 
✔ Buy a GoPro
Bike a Century Non-stop
  • Run my First 10k

High School Goals

  • Making the Varsity Cross Country Team
  • Competing in the Army-Air Force Half Marathon
  • Winning the State Science Fair
  • Making it into the Science Honors Society
  • Expanding the MHS STEM Club
  • Joining the 300 mile club
  • Graduating From High School with an Advanced Diploma
  • Becoming the Captain of the Cross Country Team
  • Winning the National Science Fair
  • Going to the Presidential Science Fair

College Goals

  • Making it into College
  • Graduating From College
  • Getting a Master's Degree
  • Getting a PHD

Long Term Goals

  • Joining the Marines or Navy
  • Backpacking Across Europe
  • Visiting Japan
  • Running a Marathon
  • Being Hired by NASA

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